for Tribune: report on the Ambulante film festival, Oaxaca, Mexico

In some Ambulante venues such wild forces of nature even penetrated internal spaces: when the flimsy plastic roofing of radical bookstore-cum-café La Jícara—located, somewhat ironically, on the street named after Mexico’s reactionary seven-times president Porfirio Díaz—proved a less-than-watertight barrier, measures had to be hurriedly taken to shield the projector from unwelcome raindrops.

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for ‘Sight & Sound’, on Mexico’s female documentary-makers and the Oaxaca leg of the Ambulante film-festival

Mexico may not be the easiest country in which to be a woman, and its cinema’s pecking order is as macho as most. But at this year’s Ambulante touring documentary festival, half a dozen strong female-directed finds show the country’s subordinate sex finding its voice.

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Cannes 2016: Palme d’Or and acting-prizes odds

favourite: Ade’s TONI ERDMANN

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Partycrashers VIII: L.A. Takedown!

From a sun-raked rooftop in Downtown, Los Angeles (capital-D and comma deliberate) we survey the scene…

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for ‘Sight & Sound’: on Merlyn Solakhan’s lost-and-found ‘Tongue Twister’

a lost gem of collective melancholy, Merlyn Solakhan’s 1985 snapshot of Istanbul under the shadow military oppression made its belated local premiere last month – in a city still not used to seeing its own past reflection.

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