2017 paid-fors

Published on: September 12th, 2017

Daisy Kenyon. USA 1947. Otto Preminger. 100m. 22/28. seen September 11th on 35mm at Austrian Filmmuseum, Vienna (€6)


total [50m+]: 42 (19 old, 23 new)
outlay (including shorts programmes) €378.62
maximum rating = 28

28 casting a glance
The Impossible Voyage (20m)*
A Serious Man. Stroszek.
22+ Salvatore Giuliano
 Daisy KenyonIllustrious Corpses. Pasadena Freeway Stills (6m)*. 2001: A Space Odyssey. We Own the Night.
22? Sonne halt (32m)*
21 Lea River Bridges (35m). A Woman Under the Influence. 
20 L’avventura*. Elle*. Get Out*.
19 The Howling. Logan*. Love & Friendship. The Salesman*. Standard Gauge (35m)*
18 The Fate of the Furious (aka Fast & Furious 8)*. The Other Side of Hope*. Stromboli*We Still Kill the Old Way*
17 Jackie*. Jean Taris, Swimming Champion (9m)*. Moonlight*. The Red Turtle*. Silence*. Wild At HeartxXx: Return of Xander Cage*.
16 La La Land*. Slack Bay*. Soldier*. Videodrome. Waterfall (19m)*
15 Blade Runner [Director’s Cut*]. Dunkirk*. Rumble Fish. Song to Song*.
14 Alien: Covenant*. I Am Not Your Negro*. Logan Lucky*. The Lost City of Z*. The Omen. White Mountain (21m)*
13 Detroit*. Split*
12 A Boy and His Dog
– – – – –
?? Rashomon*

* = first-time watch


2016/7 films seen gratis, 18+/28.
28 Araby
24 Miss Kiet’s Children^
22 Ex Libris: The New York Public LibraryMy Love Has Been Burning [1949; aka Flame of My Love]
21 The Dead Nation. The Life of Oharu [1952]. That Most Important Thing: Love [1975]. Repo Man [1984]^. Street of Shame [1956].
20 The Story of the Late Chrysanthemums [1939].
19 Brawl in Cell Block 99California Dreams. A Family. Good MannersA Hustler’s Diary. A Modern Man. Piazza VittorioQuit Staring At My Plate. Sansho the Bailiff [1954]. The Shape of WaterThousand Cuts. Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri. Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown [1988].
18 American Honey. Batch ’81 [1982]. A Brief Excursion. The EremitesEscapes. Free Fire. Love and Bullets. Mektoub, My Love: Chapter Onemother!. Strange But True (aka Extraño pero verdadero). Suburbicon. This Is Our Land (aka Chez Nous).
23 Dead Centre.
22 Good News. The Rabbit Hunt. Wishful Thinking (Allan Brown).
21 Cilaos^. Everything. Rubber Coated Steel. Swamp.
20 Death of the Sound Man. Fight On a Swedish Beach!!. Killing Klaus Kinski. The Shenehen Queen.
19 Air (VW Golf III). Astrometal. Day After Day. Green Screen Gringo. Hello, Horse!. Keep that Dream Burning. Mutants. Rakijada^. Timecode.
18 Arrabida–There Is Only One Earth. La Bouche. Egor and Nastya [1989]. 8th Continent. Five Films About Technology. Fructose^. The Geneva Convention. I Know You From Somewhere. Martin pleure–Friends for Life. Reverie in the Meadow (aka Ensueño en la Pradera). Squirrel Island. Stars of Gaomeigu. Super Taboo.

all “new” (2016/7) and seen for first time unless marked with ^.


in space no one can hear you spar: Gary Lockwood
2001: A Space Odyssey. USA(/UK) 1968. Stanley Kubrick. 150m. 22/28. seen January 1st on 35mm at Austrian Filmmuseum, Vienna (€6).

break on through: Rutger Hauer
Blade Runner [Director’s Cut]. USA 1982/1992. Ridley Scott. 116m. 15/28. seen January 1st on 35mm at Austrian Filmmuseum, Vienna (€6).

when nature calls: "Tiger" and Don Johnson
A Boy and His Dog. USA 1975. L Q Jones. 91m. 12/28. seen January 2nd on 35mm at Austrian Filmmuseum, Vienna (€6).

Job's a goodun
A Serious Man. USA 2009. Ethan Coen & Joen Coen. 105m. 23/28. seen January 3rd on 35mm at Metro Kinokulturhaus, Vienna (€8.50). 2009 review [paid £6!]

Videodrome. Canada 1983. David Cronenberg. 89m. 16/28. seen January 5th on 35mm at Austrian Filmmuseum, Vienna (€6.00).

body of evidence: SALVATORE GIULIANO
Salvatore Giuliano. Italy 1962. Francesco Rosi. 123m. 22+/28. seen January 6th on 35mm at Austrian Filmmuseum, Vienna (€6.00).

fire in the hole: WE STILL KILL THE OLD WAY
We Still Kill the Old Way (A ciascuno il suo). Italy 1967. Elio Petri. 99m. 18/28. seen January 8th on 35mm at Austrian Filmmuseum, Vienna (€6.00).

T&K, L&F
Love & Friendship. Ireland (/Fr/Neth) 2016. Whit Stillman. 93m. 19/28. seen January 9th on digital at Admiral Kino, Vienna (€8.00).

the art of the Impossible
The Impossible Voyage (Voyage à travers l’impossible) France 1904. George Méliès. 20m. 25/28.
Jean Taris, Swimming Champion (Taris, roi de l’eau aka La natation par Jean Taris, champion de France) France 1931. Jean Vigo. 9m. 17/28.
Sonne halt (Sun Stop! aka Sonne halt!). Austria 1959. Ferry Radax. 32m. 22?/28.
Standard Gauge. USA 1984. Morgan Fisher. 35m. 19/28.
seen January 10th on 35mm (Standard Gauge on 16mm) at Austrian Filmmuseum, Vienna (€8.00).

pier pressure: LA LA LAND
La La Land. USA 2016. Damien Chazelle. 128m. 16/28.
seen January 12th on digital at Gartenbaukino, Vienna (€9.00).

veni, vidi, Vitti
L’avventura. Italy 1960. Michelangelo Antonioni. c143m. 20/28.
seen January 13th on 35mm at Austrian Filmmuseum, Vienna (€6.00).

hope floats
The Red Turtle (La tortue rouge). Japan(/Bel/Fr) 2016. Michaël Dudok de Wit. 80m. 16/28. seen January 14th on digital at Filmcasino, Vienna (€8.00).

Vitale signs: STROMBOLI
Stromboli. Italy/USA 1950. Roberto Rossellini. 107m. 18/28.
seen January 14th on 35mm at Austrian Filmmuseum, Vienna (€6.00).

too much is not enough: Bruno S, STROSZEK
Stroszek. West Germany 1977. Werner Herzog. 116m. 23/28.
seen January 15th on 35mm at Metro Kinokulturhaus, Vienna (€8.50). 2009 review.

creepin' Jesus: SILENCE
Silence. USA etc 2016. Martin Scorsese. 161m. 17/28.
seen January 17th on digital at Empire cinema, Sunderland (£4.00 = €4.63).

Split. USA 2017. M. Night Shyamalan. 117m. 13/28.
seen January 22nd on digital at Empire, Newcastle (£8.00 = €9.25).

xXx: Return of Xander Cage. USA 2017. D. J. Caruso. 107m. 17/28.
seen January 23rd on digital at Empire, Sunderland (£6.50 = €7.57).

ladies and gentlemen, we are floating in space
casting a glance. USA 2007. James Benning. 80m. 28/28.
Pasadena Freeway Stills. USA 1974. Gary Beydler. 6m. 22/28.
seen February 7th on 16mm at Austrian Filmmuseum, Vienna (€6).

The Howling
The Howling. USA 1981. Joe Dante. 91m. 19/28
seen February 8th on 35mm at Metro Kinokulturhaus, Vienna (€8.50).

Illustrious Corpses. Italy 1976. Francesco Rosi. 120m. 22/28
seen February 9th on 35mm at Austrian Filmmuseum, Vienna (€6).
Soldier. Argentina 2017. Manuel Abramovich. 73m. 16/28
seen February 15th on digital at Cubix cinema, Berlin (€5.50: €4 ticket and €1.50 online surcharge).

Rhodes scholar: MOONLIGHT
Moonlight. USA 2016. Barry Jenkins. 111m. 17/28
seen February 18th on digital at Tyneside Cinema, Newcastle (£9.75 = €11.40).

Jackie. USA(/Chi/Fr) 2016. Pablo Larraín. 100m. 16/28
seen February 20th on digital at Rialto Elmwood, Berkeley ($10 = €9.45).

Elle. France(/Ger) 2016. Paul Verhoeven. 130m. 20/28
seen February 20th on digital at Rialto Elmwood, Berkeley ($10 = €9.45).

Miller's Tale: THE SALESMAN
The Salesman
(Forušande). Iran(/Fr) 2016. Asghar Farhadi. 125m. 19/28
seen February 21st on digital at Albany Twin, Berkeley ($8.50 = €8.06).

Get Out
Get Out. USA 2017. Jordan Peele. 104m. 20/28
seen February 27th on digital at Paradise Cinemas, Paradise CA ($7.25 = €6.89)

Logan. USA 2017. James Mangold. 137m. 19/28
seen March 5th on digital at ArcLight Hollywood, Los Angeles CA ($17.75 = €16.86)

The Lost City of Z. USA 2016. James Gray. 141m. 13/28
seen April 7th on digital at Gaumont Parnasse Grand Action, Paris (€12.20)

We Own the Night
. USA 2007. James Gray. 118m. 22/28
seen April 5th on 35mm at Grand Action, Paris (€9.50)

A Woman Under the Influence. USA 1974. John Cassavetes. 155m. 21/28
seen April 4th on digital at Filmothèque du Quartier Latin, Paris (€9)

Fast & Furious 8
[aka The Fate of the Furious]. USA 2017. F Gary Gray. 136m. 18/28. seen April 12th on digital at Empire, Sunderland (£8.50 = €9.99).

I Am Not Your Negro
. USA 2016. Raoul Peck. 93m. 14/28. seen April 19th on digital at Tyneside Cinema, Newcastle (£9.75 = €11.63)

. Japan 1950. Kurosawa Akira. 88m. ??/28. seen May 6th on digital at Tyneside Cinema, Newcastle (£9.75 = €11.51)

Alien: Covenant. USA 2017. Ridley Scott. 88m. 14/28. seen May 21st on digital at Karo 11 Oktjabr, Moscow (R475 = €7.50)

The Other Side of Hope. Finland etc 2017. Aki Kaurismäki 88m. 18/28. seen May 28th on digital at Tyneside Cinema, Newcastle (£9.75 = €11.18)

Song to Song
. USA 2017. Terrence Malick. 129m. 15/28. seen May 30th on digital at Burg Kino, Vienna (€9.50)

The Omen. USA/UK 1976. Richard Donner. 111m. 14/28. seen May 31st on 35mm (German-dubbed) at Metro Kinokulturhaus, Vienna (€8.50)

At Heart
. USA 1990. David Lynch. 125m. 17/28. seen June 5th on 35mm at Gartenbaukino, Vienna (€9)

Lea River Bridges
. UK 2017. Michael Pattison. 35m. 21/28.
White Mountain. UK 2016. Emma Charles. 21m. 14/28.
Waterfall. UK 2016. Tom Lock Griffiths. 19m. 16/28.
seen June 22nd on digital at Hackney Picturehouse, London (£12 = €13.66)

Rumble Fish
. USA 1983. Francis Ford Coppola. 94m. 15/28. seen June 22nd on 35mm at Prince Charles cinema, London (£8.75 incl. booking fee = €9.95)

Slack Bay
(Ma Loute). France 2016. Bruno Dumont. 122m. 16/28. seen July 2nd on digital at Tyneside Cinema, Newcastle (£9.75 = €11.11)

. UK/US(/Fr/Neth) 2017. Christopher Nolan. 102m. 15/28. seen July 24th on digital at Cineplexx Big Fashion, Belgrade (RSD 470 = €3.90)

Detroit. USA 2017. Kathryn Bigelow. 143m. 13/28. seen August 25th on digital at Empire, Sunderland (£7.95 = €8.58)

Logan Lucky. USA 2017. Steven Soderbergh. 119m. 14/28 seen August 26th on digital at Odeon, New St, Birmingham (£9.95 = €10.75)