2017 paid-fors

Published on: July 17th, 2017

Slack Bay (Ma Loute). France 2016. Bruno Dumont. 122m. 16/28. seen July 2nd on digital at Tyneside Cinema, Newcastle (£9.75 = €11.11)

total [50m+]: 38 (18 old, 20 new)
outlay (including shorts programmes) €349.39
maximum rating = 28

28 casting a glance
The Impossible Voyage (20m)*
A Serious Man. Stroszek.
22+ Salvatore Giuliano
Illustrious Corpses. Pasadena Freeway Stills (6m)*. 2001: A Space Odyssey. We Own the Night.
22? Sonne halt (32m)*
21 A Woman Under the Influence. Lea River Bridges (35m).
20 L’avventura*. Elle.* Get Out*.
19 The Howling. Logan*. Love & Friendship. The Salesman*. Standard Gauge (35m)*
18 The Fate of the Furious (aka Fast & Furious 8)*. The Other Side of Hope*. Stromboli*We Still Kill the Old Way*
17 Jackie*. Jean Taris, Swimming Champion (9m)*. Moonlight*. The Red Turtle*. Silence*. Wild At HeartxXx: Return of Xander Cage*
16 La La Land*. Slack Bay*. Soldier*. Videodrome. Waterfall (19m)*
15 Blade Runner [Director’s Cut*]. Rumble Fish. Song to Song*.
14 Alien: Covenant*. I Am Not Your Negro*. The Lost City of Z*. The Omen. White Mountain (21m)*
13 Split*
12 A Boy and His Dog
– – – – –
?? Rashomon*

* = first-time watch


2016/7 films seen gratis, 18+/28.
28 Araby
24 Miss Kiet’s Children^
22 My Love Has Been Burning [1949; aka Flame of My Love]
21 The Life of Oharu [1952]. That Most Important Thing: Love [1975]. Repo Man [1984]^. Street of Shame [1956].
20 The Story of the Late Chrysanthemums [1939]
19 California Dreams. A Hustler’s Diary. A Modern Man. Quit Staring At My Plate. Sansho the Bailiff [1954]. Thousand Cuts. Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown [1988].
18 American Honey. A Brief Excursion. The EremitesEscapes. Free Fire. Strange But True (aka Extraño pero verdadero). This Is Our Land (aka Chez Nous).
22 Good News. The Rabbit Hunt. Wishful Thinking.
21 Cilaos^. Everything. Rubber Coated Steel.
20 Fight On a Swedish Beach!!. Killing Klaus Kinski. The Shenehen Queen.
19 Air (VW Golf III). Day After Day. Green Screen Gringo. Keep that Dream Burning. Mutants. Rakijada^. Timecode.
18 Arrabida–There Is Only One Earth. La Bouche. Egor and Nastya [1989]. Five Films About Technology. Fructose^. The Geneva Convention. I Know You From Somewhere. Martin pleure–Friends for Life. Reverie in the Meadow (aka Ensueño en la Pradera). Squirrel Island. Stars of Gaomeigu. Super Taboo.

all “new” (2016/7) and seen for first time unless marked with ^.


in space no one can hear you spar: Gary Lockwood
2001: A Space Odyssey. USA(/UK) 1968. Stanley Kubrick. 150m. 22/28. seen January 1st on 35mm at Austrian Filmmuseum, Vienna (€6).

break on through: Rutger Hauer
Blade Runner [Director’s Cut]. USA 1982/1992. Ridley Scott. 116m. 15/28. seen January 1st on 35mm at Austrian Filmmuseum, Vienna (€6).

when nature calls: "Tiger" and Don Johnson
A Boy and His Dog. USA 1975. L Q Jones. 91m. 12/28. seen January 2nd on 35mm at Austrian Filmmuseum, Vienna (€6).

Job's a goodun
A Serious Man. USA 2009. Ethan Coen & Joen Coen. 105m. 23/28. seen January 3rd on 35mm at Metro Kinokulturhaus, Vienna (€8.50). 2009 review [paid £6!]

Videodrome. Canada 1983. David Cronenberg. 89m. 16/28. seen January 5th on 35mm at Austrian Filmmuseum, Vienna (€6.00).

body of evidence: SALVATORE GIULIANO
Salvatore Giuliano. Italy 1962. Francesco Rosi. 123m. 22+/28. seen January 6th on 35mm at Austrian Filmmuseum, Vienna (€6.00).

fire in the hole: WE STILL KILL THE OLD WAY
We Still Kill the Old Way (A ciascuno il suo). Italy 1967. Elio Petri. 99m. 18/28. seen January 8th on 35mm at Austrian Filmmuseum, Vienna (€6.00).

T&K, L&F
Love & Friendship. Ireland (/Fr/Neth) 2016. Whit Stillman. 93m. 19/28. seen January 9th on digital at Admiral Kino, Vienna (€8.00).

the art of the Impossible
The Impossible Voyage (Voyage à travers l’impossible) France 1904. George Méliès. 20m. 25/28.
Jean Taris, Swimming Champion (Taris, roi de l’eau aka La natation par Jean Taris, champion de France) France 1931. Jean Vigo. 9m. 17/28.
Sonne halt (Sun Stop! aka Sonne halt!). Austria 1959. Ferry Radax. 32m. 22?/28.
Standard Gauge. USA 1984. Morgan Fisher. 35m. 19/28.
seen January 10th on 35mm (Standard Gauge on 16mm) at Austrian Filmmuseum, Vienna (€8.00).

pier pressure: LA LA LAND
La La Land. USA 2016. Damien Chazelle. 128m. 16/28.
seen January 12th on digital at Gartenbaukino, Vienna (€9.00).

veni, vidi, Vitti
L’avventura. Italy 1960. Michelangelo Antonioni. c143m. 20/28.
seen January 13th on 35mm at Austrian Filmmuseum, Vienna (€6.00).

hope floats
The Red Turtle (La tortue rouge). Japan(/Bel/Fr) 2016. Michaël Dudok de Wit. 80m. 16/28. seen January 14th on digital at Filmcasino, Vienna (€8.00).

Vitale signs: STROMBOLI
Stromboli. Italy/USA 1950. Roberto Rossellini. 107m. 18/28.
seen January 14th on 35mm at Austrian Filmmuseum, Vienna (€6.00).

too much is not enough: Bruno S, STROSZEK
Stroszek. West Germany 1977. Werner Herzog. 116m. 23/28.
seen January 15th on 35mm at Metro Kinokulturhaus, Vienna (€8.50). 2009 review.

creepin' Jesus: SILENCE
Silence. USA etc 2016. Martin Scorsese. 161m. 17/28.
seen January 17th on digital at Empire cinema, Sunderland (£4.00 = €4.63).

Split. USA 2017. M. Night Shyamalan. 117m. 13/28.
seen January 22nd on digital at Empire, Newcastle (£8.00 = €9.25).

xXx: Return of Xander Cage. USA 2017. D. J. Caruso. 107m. 17/28.
seen January 23rd on digital at Empire, Sunderland (£6.50 = €7.57).

ladies and gentlemen, we are floating in space
casting a glance. USA 2007. James Benning. 80m. 28/28.
Pasadena Freeway Stills. USA 1974. Gary Beydler. 6m. 22/28.
seen February 7th on 16mm at Austrian Filmmuseum, Vienna (€6).

The Howling
The Howling. USA 1981. Joe Dante. 91m. 19/28
seen February 8th on 35mm at Metro Kinokulturhaus, Vienna (€8.50).

Illustrious Corpses. Italy 1976. Francesco Rosi. 120m. 22/28
seen February 9th on 35mm at Austrian Filmmuseum, Vienna (€6).
Soldier. Argentina 2017. Manuel Abramovich. 73m. 16/28
seen February 15th on digital at Cubix cinema, Berlin (€5.50: €4 ticket and €1.50 online surcharge).

Rhodes scholar: MOONLIGHT
Moonlight. USA 2016. Barry Jenkins. 111m. 17/28
seen February 18th on digital at Tyneside Cinema, Newcastle (£9.75 = €11.40).

Jackie. USA(/Chi/Fr) 2016. Pablo Larraín. 100m. 16/28
seen February 20th on digital at Rialto Elmwood, Berkeley ($10 = €9.45).

Elle. France(/Ger) 2016. Paul Verhoeven. 130m. 20/28
seen February 20th on digital at Rialto Elmwood, Berkeley ($10 = €9.45).

Miller's Tale: THE SALESMAN
The Salesman
(Forušande). Iran(/Fr) 2016. Asghar Farhadi. 125m. 19/28
seen February 21st on digital at Albany Twin, Berkeley ($8.50 = €8.06).

Get Out
Get Out. USA 2017. Jordan Peele. 104m. 20/28
seen February 27th on digital at Paradise Cinemas, Paradise CA ($7.25 = €6.89)

Logan. USA 2017. James Mangold. 137m. 19/28
seen March 5th on digital at ArcLight Hollywood, Los Angeles CA ($17.75 = €16.86)

The Lost City of Z. USA 2016. James Gray. 141m. 13/28
seen April 7th on digital at Gaumont Parnasse Grand Action, Paris (€12.20)

We Own the Night
. USA 2007. James Gray. 118m. 22/28
seen April 5th on 35mm at Grand Action, Paris (€9.50)

A Woman Under the Influence. USA 1974. John Cassavetes. 155m. 21/28
seen April 4th on digital at Filmothèque du Quartier Latin, Paris (€9)

Fast & Furious 8
[aka The Fate of the Furious]. USA 2017. F Gary Gray. 136m. 18/28. seen April 12th on digital at Empire, Sunderland (£8.50 = €9.99).

I Am Not Your Negro
. USA 2016. Raoul Peck. 93m. 14/28. seen April 19th on digital at Tyneside Cinema, Newcastle (£9.75 = €11.63)

. Japan 1950. Kurosawa Akira. 88m. ??/28. seen May 6th on digital at Tyneside Cinema, Newcastle (£9.75 = €11.51)

Alien: Covenant. USA 2017. Ridley Scott. 88m. 14/28. seen May 21st on digital at Karo 11 Oktjabr, Moscow (R475 = €7.50)

The Other Side of Hope. Finland etc 2017. Aki Kaurismäki 88m. 18/28. seen May 28th on digital at Tyneside Cinema, Newcastle (£9.75 = €11.18)

Song to Song
. USA 2017. Terrence Malick. 129m. 15/28. seen May 30th on digital at Burg Kino, Vienna (€9.50)

The Omen. USA/UK 1976. Richard Donner. 111m. 14/28. seen May 31st on 35mm (German-dubbed) at Metro Kinokulturhaus, Vienna (€8.50)

At Heart
. USA 1990. David Lynch. 125m. 17/28. seen June 5th on 35mm at Gartenbaukino, Vienna (€9)

Lea River Bridges
. UK 2017. Michael Pattison. 35m. 21/28.
White Mountain. UK 2016. Emma Charles. 21m. 14/28.
Waterfall. UK 2016. Tom Lock Griffiths. 19m. 16/28.
seen June 22nd on digital at Hackney Picturehouse, London (£12 = €13.66)

Rumble Fish
. USA 1983. Francis Ford Coppola. 94m. 15/28. seen June 22nd on 35mm at Prince Charles cinema, London (£8.75 incl. booking fee = €9.95)