Venice, Oldenburg, San Sebastian 2016: Hollywood Reporter reviews

Published on: September 29th, 2016

last one to the Lido

1. My Art (Simmons)
2. White Sun (Rauniyar)
3. Austerlitz (Loznitsa)
4. The Journey (Hamm)
5. Paradise (Konchalovsky)
6. Never Ever (Jacquot)
7. On the Milky Road (Kusturica)

Olden dayz

1. Stray Bullets (Fessenden)
2. Are We Not Cats (Robin)


1. Summer Lights (Périot)
2. Playground (Kowalski)
3. One Hundred and Fifty Years of Life (Liu)
4. The Winter (Torres)
5. Bunker77 (Masuda)
6. Pretenders (Toomla)