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for ‘Sight & Sound’: on Merlyn Solakhan’s lost-and-found ‘Tongue Twister’

Published on: April 2nd 2016

a lost gem of collective melancholy, Merlyn Solakhan’s 1985 snapshot of Istanbul under the shadow military oppression made its belated local premiere last month – in a city still not used to seeing its own past reflection.

Cannes 2016: Palming Pedro?

Published on: March 26th 2016

even 5/2, skinny as such odds sound, translates to just a 29% probability—meaning that it’s 71% probable that Almodóvar will yet again be a “bridesmaid”. 

for ‘Sight & Sound’: GET CARTER’s Return Home

Published on: March 4th 2016

Forty-five years since Mike Hodges’ adaptation of Ted Lewis’s pulp crime novel Jack’s Return Home minted the look and smell of 1970s north-eastern Britain on screen, its protagonist Jack Carter lives on – with a new Newcastle stage production of the story bringing him home from Hollywood. Neil Young considers the indelible traces of a favourite local antihero.

Rotterdam & Berlin 2016: reviews index

Published on: March 1st 2016

links to 16 reviews for The Hollywood Reporter and 2 reviews for

for Rafi Pitts’ SOY NERO

Published on: February 22nd 2016

Border incident: as the midnight sky blazes with New Year fireworks, a young man sprints full-pelt across the wide expanses of a colossal, concrete river-bed, small rucksack jiggling his slender shoulders.

Berlinale 2016: Golden Bear odds

Published on: February 19th 2016

favourite: THINGS TO COME (Hansen-Løve)

for Jeff Nichols’ Midnight Special

Published on: February 14th 2016

review from the 66th Berlinale

for Hollywood Reporter: D.Bowie on film

Published on: January 12th 2016

All the world’s lightning is trapped in a single space…

Partycrashers V: 2015 was the year that was

Published on: January 9th 2016

nothing but a very fine river separates Newcastle from Gateshead: in the background of this latest video dispatch, we see the winter dark gradually fall upon the latter town.

In a Year of 27-ish Festivals

Published on: January 7th 2016

Stari Šarac, on the very edge of town at 199 Beogradski put, has been patiently awaiting your custom since at least the 1880s.