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IDFA 2015: Hollywood Reporter reviews

Published on: January 5th 2016

added: Clear Years

Morra Never Dies: Introducing Isabel Pagliai (MUBI)

Published on: December 31st 2015

“Cinema verité portrait of a French suburb that demonstrates how the threat of deadly adult violence lurks below the surface of child’s play,” the IDFA website drily noted.

December 2015: Order of Merit

Published on: December 31st 2015

added: Vienna Film 1896-1976 (Schmidt Jr 1977; 117m) 7/10

2015: non-festival films

Published on: December 20th 2015

latest: The Force Awakens, 20th December

A Hard-Knock Year: 2015 in cinema, for Tribune

Published on: December 18th 2015

Putting Die Antwoord so very front and centre in (as well as all over the soundtrack of) a picture which otherwise adheres to “traditional” and international casting—Dev Patel, Hugh Jackman and Sigourney Weaver all feature prominently—is the wild-card element which, not least by means of the off-kilter comedy that results, propels Chappie into the very front rank of mainstream entertainments.

Eight Days A Week: Diary for ‘Danas’ Newspaper

Published on: December 15th 2015

We land through fog, and as we approach I see clearly above the low cloud the stars that make the handle of the Plough pointing down towards the city: Megrez, Alioth, Mizar, Alkaid.

November 2015: order of merit

Published on: December 5th 2015

1. Harlan County USA (Kopple 1976; 104m) 9/10 {26/28}

Partycrashers IV: Spectre in Vienna

Published on: November 26th 2015

Bond XXIV, discussed!

Pilgrims and Progress: CurtoCircuíto 2015 (for Tribune)

Published on: November 12th 2015

None of the six longer Explora candidates (one of 19 minutes, four of 23, one of 26) managed to justify their relative longueurs, the tendency of certain film-makers to equate duration with profundity being just as marked among shorts as it is among features.

October 2015: Order of Merit

Published on: November 1st 2015

#1: The Mallet (1977)