Neil Young’s Film Lounge – Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets preview

Chamber of Secrets is the one with the flying car on the front for those of us whove somehow never got round to picking up J K (does it stand for Just Keep?) Rowlings megablockbusting novels. Last years Philosophers Stone was painless if overlong, its limitations becoming more glaringly apparent when Lord of the Rings arrived the following month. Its hard to imagine a different result this time around especially as early indications suggest the film runs off-puttingly close to the three-hour mark. Chris safe hands Columbus is back at the helm, backed up by the same scriptwriter and creative team as before. On-screen, the kids and adults are back on board with the notable exception of Zoe Wanamaker, who bailed out citing stingy wages.

Word is that Alan Rickman may be about to follow suit which would be very bad news indeed considering how he singlehandedly kept the first one watchable for non-aficionados. This time he’s joined by new faces Ken Branagh, Jason Isaac, Mark Williams, Rik Mayall and 24 Hour Party Peoples superb Shirley Henderson, though the trailers main selling point is something called Dobby the House Elf, a mournful computer-generated goblin who looks suspiciously like a not-so-distant cousin of Gollum, Rings very own mournful computer-generated goblin

21st October, 2002

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by Neil Young

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