for Tribune: Karlovy Vary 2016 (part one)

There’s a thudding historical irony that a festival originally devised along strictly socialist and egalitarian lines should now in effect be part-owned by that most nakedly capitalistic of business concerns, a casino chain.

August 12th 2016 | more >

for Tribune: report from the (S8) film festival, A Coruña

Snakegrass is a reverie of haunting simplicity: via multiple exposures, the camera meanders along a verdant path bordered by the eponymous plant, accompanied by ethereal American guitarist John Fahey plucking out ‘St Patrick’s Hymn’. The arrangement dates back to 1869, but the hymn itself is centuries older; Snakegrass likewise feels something beamed in from the pre-industrial epoch of Wat Tyler and company.

August 2nd 2016 | more >

for Tribune: Québec, Mon Amour

I’d called in for two nights in Montréal on my way to New York, and been impressed by the laid-back, bohemian-tinged sophistications of an historic city whose “bigness and rawness and brawniness” so impressed Jan Morris, whose Anglophone exports include Leonard Cohen, Oscar Peterson, William Shatner and Arcade Fire—and which been the home of Canada’s National Film Board since 1956.

July 25th 2016 | more >