2002 Film Festivals

Ljubljana Film Festival

9/10 City of God
7/10 Absolute Hundred
       Freedom (La Libertad)
       Saturday (Sabado)
       Everyday God Kisses Us On The Mouth (7?/10)
6/10 The Days I Don't Exist
       Light Of My Eyes
       Sisters (Sestry)
5/10 Atanarjuat – The Fast Runner
       Do Fish Do It? (Fickende Fische)
       Human Nature
       My Russia (Mein Russland)
       La Spagnola
       This Is Not A Love Song
       Blind Spot (Slepa Pega) (5?/10)
4/10 Smokers Only (Vagon fumador)
2/10 Inch'Allah Sunday (Inch'allah dimanche)


London Film Festival


8/10 Le Fils
3/10 Love Liza


Leeds Film Festival

8/10 Occident
6/10 Step By Step
5/10 Rabbit Proof Fence
       Weekend Plot
4/10 Laundry
3/10 The Wild Bees (Dvoke vcely)
2/10 Shoes From America


Edinburgh Film Festival

8/10 Frailty
       The Happiness of the Katakuris
       Something to Remind Me (Toter Mann)
7/10 Dragonflies
       Morvern Callar
6/10 Abouna
       Decasia (6?/10)
       Deep Breath (Le souffle)
       My Little Eye
       10 (Kiarostami)
       Pleasant Days
       A Private Affair
       Red Bear
5/10 Angela
       Australian Rules
       Soft Shell Man
       This Is Not a Love Song
4/10 Japon
3/10 From the Other Side
2/10 Once Upon a Time in the Midlands

His Little Eye – Interview with Marc Evans
Interview with Intacto director Juan-Carlos Fresnadillo

Australian Rules OK?: Check out a review of Edinburgh Festival week one


18th Fantastic Film Festival – Amsterdam

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8/10 Soft For Digging (original rating 7/10)
7/10 Kakashi 
       The Unknown
6/10 A Living Hell
       St John's Wort (Otogiriso)
       Say Yes
       Session 9
4/10 Dagon

Interview with lifetime-award recipient Paul Verhoeven

Berlin Film Festival

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9/10 El Valley Centro (2001)
8/10 Lundi matin (Monday Morning)
       School Trip
7/10 Bungalow
       Der Felsen (A Map of the Heart)
       8 Femmes (8 Women)
       Read My Lips
       Volcano High (Hwasango) (7?/10)
6/10 Bloody Sunday
       The Cockettes
       Dark Water
       Every Stewardess Goes to Heaven
       Fulltime Killer
       Monster's Ball 
       Shanghai Panic
5/10 Big Shot's Funeral
       The Cave
       Halbe Treppe (Grill Point)
       Lunar Eclipse (5?/10)
       Minor Mishaps
       On the Seven Seas
       Take Care of My Cat
4/10 Burning in the Wind
       Guardian of the Frontier
       K T (4?/10)
       Paradox Lake
       Stones (Piedras)
3/10 One Day in August
2/10 Beneath Clouds
       Viel Passiert – Der B.A.P. Film (Ode to Cologne)