2003 Film Festivals

1st Sunderland Film Festival

6/10 Grand Theft Parsons

'The Guardian' reports on the Sunderland Film Festival

London Film Festival

7/10 The Barbarian Invasions
       Dallas 362
       Kitchen Stories
       Mister V.
6/10 The Shape of Things
       Free Radicals
       Twentynine Palms (6+/10)
       Milwaukee, Minnesota
       Lost In Translation (original rating 5/10)
5/10 thirteen
4/10 No Rest For The Brave (4?/10)

interview with Eva Green of The Dreamers

Leeds Film Festival 2003/
Sheffield Cinemadays Event

(www.leedsfilm.com)   (www.cinemadays.com)

8/10 Time of the Wolf
7/10 Bubba Ho-Tep
       Ju-On : The Grudge
       Shangri-La (Japan Goes Bankrupt)
6/10 Dead End
       They've Got Knut (6?/10)
       Visitor Q (6?/10)
5/10 All About My Father
       Aro Tolbukhin – In The Mind of a Killer
4/10 The Coast Guard

San Sebastian

8/10 November (Noviembre)
       Unfaithfully Yours (1948)
7/10 The Bottom of the Sea (El fondo del mar)
       Girl with a Pearl Earring
       Inheritance (Arven)
       Memories of Murder
       My Life Without Me (Mi vida sin me)
       The Station Agent
       We Hereby Sign (Los abajo firmantes)
       21 Grams (original rating 5/10)
6/10 Code 46
       The Dreamers
       Eager Bodies
       The Iguassu Effect
       The Weakness of the Bolshevik
       When the Right One Comes Along
       Gun-Shy (6?/10)
5/10 The Bulgarian Brides
       Donau, Duna, Dunaj, Dunav, Dunarea
       In The City (En la ciudad)
       Offside (Fuera de juegos)
       Open Range
       What the Eye Doesn't See
4/10 Godforsaken
       PyME (Beseiged)
       Red Dusk
       The Sin of Harold Diddlebock (aka Mad Wednesday)
       Histoire de Marie et Julien
3/10 Take My Eyes (Te doy mis ojos)
2/10 Havana Suite (Suite habana)

Interview with Lifetime-Achievement Award recipient Robert Duvall

Interview with Girl with a Pearl Earring director Peter Webber
Interview with In The City writer-director Cesc Gay


9/10 Capturing the Friedmans
7/10 American Splendor
       In My Skin (Dans ma peau)
       My Architect
       One for the Road
       Torremolinos 73
6/10 After Life (The Trilogy – Lucas Belvaux)
       An Amazing Couple (The Trilogy – Lucas Belvaux)
       Blind Shaft
       Letters in the Wind (Namehay bad)
       The Man of the Year (O homem do ano)
       Party Monster
5/10 All Tomorrow's Parties
       Feathers in my Head 
       In America
4/10 Ned Kelly
       Shimkent Hotel
       Swimming Pool
       The Rage in Placid Lake (4?/10)
       Wondrous Oblivion (4?/10)
1/10 Spun

Interview with Party Monster creators Randy Barbato, Fenton Bailey &James St James
Interview with Paddy Considine – star of In America.


7/10 All The Real Girls
6/10 Infernal Affairs
5/10 Three Days of Rain
4/10 Some-Thing More Than Night
3/10 Wilbur (Wants to Kill Himself)

Report from Talent Campus by Slovenian director Mitja Okorn


7/10 Bus 174
6/10 El Bonaerense
       Deadly Outlaw : Rekka
       Go West, Young Man!
       La Vie Nouvelle (New Life)
       Tan de Repente (Suddenly) (6?/10)
       Woman of Water
5/10 Beloved Sister (Fahr zur Holle, schwester!)
       Fear X
       Frida (not part of IFFR)
       Mondays in the Sun (Los lunes al sol)
       Two Days
       Drunk on Women and Poetry (Chiwhaseon) (5?/10)
       No One's Ark (5?/10)
3/10 The Kite (Zmej)
       Nobody Needs to Know
2/10 The Principles of Lust