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May 1973:

This is [or was]

the story of Mace Windu,

a reverend Jedi-bendu of Opuchi

who was related to Usby C J Thape,

padawaan learner of

the famed Jedi


Details of a 1911 contest

reveal that the slogan for the arch,

"Water, Wealth, Contentment, Health,"

was selected by a committee.


over the blue-green planet Aquilae

where six fighters attack a huge space fortress

and are destroyed


November 8, 1870,

and it took another two years

to construct the tracks
as far as Merced.


She is fleeing an evil sovereign

and these passengers
are a bickering terrified pair.

A few blocks north

Sundial Lodge

808 McHenry

no-frills rooms for $34


Their ship also contains
200 pounds of a rare spice.


They paid Sam Harbaugh $3

for his winning slogan.


they hide from the Imperial patrols

in a religious temple.


a community dedicated to growth,

progress and the quality of community life


There they find
a group of ten teenage boys,

ages 15-18,

where Luke uses his "lazer sword"

during a fight.


In 1912,

located at 9th and I streets,
was built

for a cost of $1,200.


but they escape

and steal his freighter.


either hastily built

or moved from other locations

when the Central Pacific Railroad

announced its selection


but they manage to hide
in an asteroid field.


pop. 175,000


and the damage results
in their forced landing

on the jungle world of Yavin.


When newcomers got off the train

here they saw

a community of approximately 25 buildings


"realizing that they have been

adventuring with demigods"


Maneuvering the doomed ship,

Skywalker orders everyone

to jettison safely away

with rocket packs.


at the corner of 9th and I streets

delineates the good and bad parts of town

avoid the area west of 9th St after dark


and they encounter giant furry aliens

and their Wookiee prince, Chewbacca,

riding birdlike creatures.


a mishmash of medical, dental

and farming equipment


Unfortunately, the aliens serve the Empire.


A semi-yuppie local crowd

corner of 12th and J

fancy sandwiches

around $7


"realizing that they have been

adventuring with demigods"


in return for a huge bounty

posted by the evil sovereign.


holds 668 lights,

stands 25 feet high at its center,

and spans 75 feet across I Street.


home of the villainous General Darth Vader

and Valarium, the Black knight.


a stampede of businesses,
dwellings, furniture and people

rapidly moving
to the one-mile-square
railroad town


by a grizzled old farmer

who is married to one of the alien creatures.


the "Rose City"

and the "Garden City"

because of its many rose bushes

and well-manicured lawns.


and he trains them to fly fighter ships

(one-man Devil Fighters),

for deep space dogfighting.


L street at the corner of 9th

mediocre salads

for $6 to $11


Several of the boys are killed

in duels by laser guns and swords,


and the princess reveals
her true


It was a bleak settlement on the plains

without trees or vegetation

but an abundance of wind-blown sand.


The two bureaucrats get drunk

and stumble off into the darkness,

"realizing that they have been

adventuring with demigods"


(though people still rev their engines

on weekend nights)

and the festival has been canceled







Neil Young
6th May, 2005