Hannibal’s Face


comments by Nick Livesey

I was doing it until it was finished, I had an idea in my head, got a cheap Ryan Air flight to Italy with nothing to lose (except being delayed at Stanstead for half a day), arrived late evening & checked into the appropriate location (student hostel full of American teenagers) which was perched perfectly over the best ‘canvas’ Piazza Della Republica, and set the shot up for dawn the following morning (scattered square with expensive italian pastry, shot a few other things around Florence incidentally, polished it up a little and sent it to him before he had finished filming. Fortunately for me he was impressed by it so much he stuck it on the front of the film, untouched. The only thing we altered was the mix of Glenn Gould’s Goldberg Variations in with our original mix which I think imroved it – an idea from Pietro (see the DVD feature, it shows the original) and the addition of the type which was fairly simplistic in style. I suppose the highlight was Dino DeLaurentiis shouting “A very intelligent opening sequence Mr Livesey” in a corridor of 20th Century Fox in LA.


by Neil Young
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