Rotterdam 2013: index page (includes links to Hollywood Reporter reviews)

feeling the chill: Diego Star

20/28 [7/10] Diego Star
19+ [7] Fata Morgana
19 [7] Karaoke Girl [Tiger competition]
18 [7] The Dancing Soul of the Walking People (1980)
17 [6] Death Metal Angola
17 [6] Northwest
17 [6] Touch
16 [6] The King [Tiger]
16 [6] Our Nixon
15 [6] Tall as the Baobab Tree
5/10: The Charm of Others; Getting To Know the Big Wide World (1979); My Dog Killer [Tiger]; Ping’an YueqingPoor FolkSoldier Jane [Tiger]; The TearsThey’ll Come Back [Tiger]; Watchtower [Tiger]
4/10: The Complex; Fat Shaker [Tiger]; Four Ways to Die in My Hometown; Jonathas’ ForestNight [Tiger]; The Resurrection of a Bastard [Tiger]
w/o: Dummy Jim [Tiger]; Emperor Visits the HellLonging For the Rain [Tiger]; Matei Child MinerNinah’s Dowry; Penumbra [Tiger]; The RadiantRio Belongs to Us; Silent Ones [Tiger]; Steel is the Earth; 36 [Tiger]
favourite performances
Ninomiya Ryutaro (The Charm of Others)
Johanna Orsini-Rosenberg (Soldier Jane)
Clement Blach Petersen (Northwest)
Tiger Award predictions
Fat Shaker; Penumbra; They’ll Come Back
(alternates: Karaoke Girl; Night; Soldier Jane)


Hollywood Reporter reviews
1. Touch (S.Silver)
2. The King (G.Columbu) [Tiger]
3. The Complex (H.Nakata)
4. Karaoke Girl (V.Vichit-Vadakan) [Tiger]
5. Diego Star (F.Pelletier)
6. Northwest (M.Noer)
7. My Dog Killer (M.Fornay) [Tiger]
8. Our Nixon (P.Lane)
9. Death Metal Angola (J.Xido)
10. Fata Morgana (P.Schreiner)
11. Night (L.Brzezicki) [Tiger]
12. Watchtower (P.Esmer) [Tiger]

Tribune report: part one … part two

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Tops in 2011
23/28 Finisterrae [Tiger competition]
20/28 A Stoker; Bleak Night [Tiger competition]; 13 Assassins
19/28 Beyond These Mountains; The Last Buffalo Hunt; Rose and Jasmine

Tops in 2010
21/28 Videodrome (1982)
20/28 The Land Inhabited  [original rating 18/28]
19/28 R [Tiger competition]