Neil Young’s Film Lounge – Diorama of Dishonour

FILMS RATED 1/10 & 2/10

welcome to the bottom of the barrel*


Americas Sweethearts
8 Mile
Lara Croft : Tomb Raider
Lilya 4-Ever
One Night at McCools
Pay It Forward
Purely Belter
Raise Your Voice
Red Cockroaches
Relative Values
Walking Tall

American Psycho
Angel Eyes
Beneath Clouds
Bringing Down The House
*Corpus Callosum
Down To Earth
Fear No Evil
15 Minutes
The Gift (2?)
Havana Suite
I’ll Be There
The Importance of Being Earnest
InchAllah Sunday
Killing Me Softly
The Life of David Gale
The Luzhin Defence
Ode to Cologne A Rock n Roll Film
Once Upon a Time in the Midlands
The Principles of Lust
Red Planet
Riding in Cars with Boys
Romeo Must Die
Say It Isnt So
Sex and Lucia
Shanghai Knights
Shoes From America
Sidewalks of New York
16 Years of Achohol
State and Main
The Tailor of Panama
Vanilla Sky

* sadly, very few of these films fall into the so bad they’re good category even an ineptly-made mess can end up a 3 or a 4 if its heart is somewhere near the right place. Any fool can make a bad movie. But it takes a special kind of anti-talent to come up with the offensive bilge listed above.
For the record, the worst film I have ever seen (yes, even worse than The Doors) is True Blue, a British movie about the Oxford-Cambridge Boat Race, directed in 1996 by someone (or rather something) called Ferdinand Fairfax.

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by Neil Young