Neil Young’s Film Lounge – Tooth



UK 2004 : Edouard NAMMOUR : 90 mins

And you thought visiting the dentist was painful? Try sitting through this jaw-droppingly awful British kids movie in which the Tooth Fairy (Yasmin Paige) a feisty girl-power moppet – and her human pals team up to save Christmas (in a February release?) from the dastardly fairy hunter Plug (Harry Enfield). The script, direction and special effects are rotten, criminally wasting a star-studded cast (Richard E Grant, Stephen Fry etc). Worst of all, the whole thing though visibly shot in the Home Counties – is supposed to be taking place in the good ol USA, with the half the cast putting on unconvincing Yank accents. How does rubbish like this get green-lit, made and released? Anyone inflicting Tooth on their offspring should be reported to the social services, pronto.

3rd February, 2004
(seen 24th January : Cineworld, Milton Keynes CinemaDays event)

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by Neil Young