Rotterdam 2014: index-page


Neil Young’s reviews for The Hollywood Reporter
1. Young-Seok Noh’s Intruders
2. Paulo Sacramento’s Riverrun
3. Lisa Weber’s Steadiness
4. Sergio Caballero’s The Distance
5. Ester Martin Bergsmark’s Something Must Break
6. Irene Gutiérrez &  Javier Labrador’s Hotel Nueva Isla
7. Luis Miñarro’s Falling Star
8. Elise DuRant’s Edén
9. Elisa Miller’s About Sarah
10. Natalia Meschaninova’s The Hope Factory
11. Fellipe Barbosa’s Casa Grande
12. Allessandro Rossetto’s Small Homeland

Michael Pattison’s essay for Jigsaw Lounge
Of Maas, and Men

Neil Young’s review for Jigsaw Lounge
Christian E Christiansen’s On the Edge

Neil Young’s dispatches for Indiewire
1. Why A Visionary Work Over A Decade In the Making Has Dominated the Rotterdam Film Festival
2. How Many Bad Movies Does It Take to Ruin a Film Festival? This Year’s Rotterdam Has the Answer

Further reading
Michael Pattison on IFFR 2014