Say It Isn’t So



USA 2001
director : J B Rogers
script : Peter Gaulke, Gerry Swallow
cinematography : Mark Irwin
editing : Larry Madaras
lead actors : Chris Klein, Heather Graham, Sally Field, Orlando Jones
96 minutes

‘From the people who brought you Something About Mary‘ lie the posters and adverts – the Farrellys are only the producers this time, with the writing and directing (mis)handled by people you’ve never heard of. And hopefully we’ll never hear of them again: this total misfire of a would-be ‘shocking’ comedy, went belly-up at the US box office. The new taboo is incest, as hapless nice guy Gilly (Klein) meets Jo (Graham), the girl of his dreams, only to discover that her mother (Field) happens to be the woman who gave him up for adoption. So Gilly and Jo are brother and sister. or are they???

Not that you’ll care too much either way, the story’s ‘gross-out’ convolutions – tired gags involving farm animals, the disabled, bodily fluids, etc – being so clumsily executed. While Ben Stiller might just have saved the day as Gilly, Klein can’t cut it as a physical comedian: with what must be the smoothest face in Hollywood, he’s just too good-looking and too big to convince as a lovelorn klutz. At one point he appears with long hair and droopy moustache, a hulking cross between The Rock and Billy Crudup in Almost Famous. Top-billed Graham, meanwhile, is as appealing as her non-role allows, and at least she’s spared the humiliating shenanigans inflicted upon the hapless Field.

It’s a strongish cast, and they deserve better, but the decent jokes come very few and far between. The best, involving an unexpected star cameo, is saved till last – but even so, it’s a paltry reward for staying awake through such a clunkingly tedious hour-and-a-half.

5th June, 2001