Hyperion, the one who looks down from above.

How should the wind be periphrased? Thus: call it son of Fornj├│t, Brother of the Sea and of Fire, Scathe or Ruin or Hound or Wolf of the Wood or of the Sail or of the Rigging.

Kari, the wind.
Tethys, the sea.
Anthe, flowery.
Greip, gigantic.
Thrymr, uproar.
Tarvos, the bull.
Skoll, treachery.
Ymir, the roarer.
Telesto, success.
Tarqeq, the Moon.
Hati, he who hates.
Dione, the goddess.
Janus, a double-door.
Erriapus, the overlord.
Epimethius, hindsight.
Rhea, that which flows.
Ijiraq, the shape-shifter.
Surtur, the swarthy one.
Helene, the shining one.
Skathi, harmful shadow.
Phoebe, bright and pure.
Calypso, the hidden one.
Pandora, the giver of all.
Titan, that which strains.
Pan, the act of pasturing.
Bestla, the bark of a tree.
Prometheus, forethought.
Jarnsaxa, the iron dagger.
Farbauti, the cruel striker.
Atlas, that which upholds.
Hyrrokkin, smoked by fire.
Iapetus, that which pierces.
Suttungr, heavy with mead.
Pallene, relating to a virgin.
Loge, he who rules over fire.
Aegaeon, the goat of the sea.
Enceladus, trumpeter to arms.
Mimas, the name of a gigante.
Paaliaq, the name of a shaman.
Albiorix, the king of the world.
Bebhionn, a melodious woman.
Fenrir, he who dwells in the fen.
Siarnaq, the goddess of the ocean.
Daphnis, blinded for his infidelity.
Aegir, the one who soothes the sea.
Polydeuces, a surfeit of sweet wine.
Fornjot, the original owner of Norway.
Narvi, the oppressively confining night.
Methone, the name of a gigante’s daughter.
Kiviuq, the long-lived supernatural wanderer.
Hyperion, the one who looks down from above.
Bergelmir, the one who yells from the mountain-top.
Mundilfari, the one who moves according to particular times; hence, a moon.

as printed in THE RUNT

Neil Young, 2015
originally written for and printed in The Runt