FATHER FIGURES : Vatican Lounge’s Papabile focus on the 266th Pope

Published on: April 2nd, 2005

latest update : 24th November 2007 (post-consistory)

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The Exterminating Angel
A Canterbury Tale
San Francisco

1. Angelo Comastri (1943) Italy
2. Norberto Rivera Carrera (1942) Mexico
3. Juan Luis Cipriani Thorne (1943) Peru
4. Angelo Scola (1941) Italy
5. Angelo Bagnasco (1943) Italy
6. Antonio Canizares Llovera (1945) Spain
7. Odilo Scherer (1949) Brazil
8. Marc Ouellet (1944) Canada
9. Jorge Maria Bergoglio (1936) Argentina
10. Oscar Rodriguez Maradiaga (1942) Honduras

NEXT (alphabetically)
C Cafarra (1938) Italy
J da Cruz Policarpo (1936) Portugal
W Napier (1941) South Africa
A Nicora (1937) Italy
C von Schonborn (1945) Austria
P Turkson (1948) Ghana 
J Urosa Savino (1942) Venezuela

First impressions…
Papal did visit, human trash
Prostrate, yellow-white umbrellas
Roam around
Universal love..for them…for the….
Papal visit
Human trash roam the town
Woke up by hosannah
Helicopters strip the land
First impressions will be the last





The Fall : 'Papal Visit'