24 Hour Party People



UK 2002 : Michael Winterbottom : c120 mins

Just got back from seeing 24HPP, am starting to get over the experience of watching it. Moulin Rouge / Velvet Goldmine are the closest comparisons in terms of subject and quality: I liked Winterbottom’s last 2, Wonderland and The Claim, but this is a level above.

Enough historical context is provided so that even viewers with little or no knowledge of the subject will be able to follow it – though but will of course have extra resonance for those who were around at the time: the Ian Curtis section was always going to be downbeat, but I didn’t expect it to be quite so shatteringly tragic – I was in tears. Several hysterically funny sequences, however, and outstanding central performance from Coogan as Tony Wilson, holding it all together. Script is strong suit – directorial input more uneven. Nearly all on shaky DV, but it works.

The first really strong British film I’ve seen since Sexy Beast.

28th March, 2002
(seen same day, Warner Village, Newcastle)

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by Neil Young
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