2004 Film Festivals

Torino Film Festival
official website               interview with top prize-winner Lisandro Alonso

8/10 Able Edwards
7/10 The Big Red One – The Reconstruction (1980/2004)
6/10 The Butterflies are Just a Step Behind
       An Estranged Paradise
       Good Morning, Beijing
       Left Hand
       Toolbox Murders
5/10 The Cat Leaves Home (5+/10)
5/10 The Beautiful Washing Machine 
       The Boston Strangler (1968)
       Dead End Run
       Yesterday Once More
4/10 Make My Day
       O Abismu (1977) (4?/10)
3/10 Endless Night (3?/10)


Leeds Film Festival                          official website

8/10  Mean Creek
6/10  Cross Bronx
5/10  Slavoj Zizek – Reality of the Virtual (5?/10)
4/10  I * Huckabees


Ljubljana International Film Festival                       
official website

7/10 The Yes Men
6/10 A Bar at the Victoria Station
5/10 The Waiting Room

London Film Festival

9/10 Los Angeles Plays Itself
7/10 House of Flying Daggers
6/10 Head-On
5/10 Izo

Feature on Izo: Is Chaos Director an Incomprehensible Demon-Man?

Edinburgh Film Festival

9/10 Dead Man's Shoes
8/10 Process
7/10 Coffee and Cigarettes
       The Far Side of the Moon
       House of the Tiger King
       Pearls and Pigs
       Super Size Me
6/10 Chain 
       Dear Pillow
       Hannging Offense
       Incident at Loch Ness
       Guerrilla – The Taking of Patty Hearst
       A Letter To True
       The Machinist
       Los Muertos
       My Summer of Love
       Natural City
       Ramones – End of the Century
5/10 After the Day Before
       Blue Black Permanent
       Calvaire (The Ordeal)
       The Last Train
       Little Men
       The Motorcycle Diaries
       Riding Giants
       Ramblers (5?/10)
4/10 The Green Hat (4+/10)
3/10 Anatomy of Hell
       Dear Frankie
2/10 The Gift (2?/10)
1/10 Red Cockroaches

Interview with Brad Anderson                    Interview with Park Chan-Wook
Interview with Toby Kebbell                      Interview with Shane Meadows
Interview with Cate Shortland                   Interview with Morgan Spurlock

For a chronological list of the films seen at Edinburgh '04 click here

Bradford Film Festival

5/10 Science Fiction

Tromsø International Film Festival

8/10 Since Otar Left
7/10 The Fog of War
       School of Rock
       Vodka Lemon
       The Middle of the World (7?/10)
6/10 Arctic Cabaret
       The Story of the Weeping Camel
5/10 Silence Between Two Thoughts (5+/10)
4/10 The Kite (Le cerf-volant)
2/10 16 Years of Alcohol