BRADFORD FILM FESTIVAL 2009 : index-page

     ::::: WEEK ONE :::::
IS ANYBODY THERE? : [5/10] : UK 2008 : John CROWLEY : 92m : seen at Pic. Fri 13 Mar
BIGGER THAN LIFE : [7/10] : US 1956 : Nicholas RAY : 95m : Cub. Sat 14 Mar
CALIFORNIA COMPANY TOWN : [7/10] : US 2008 : Lee Anne SCHMITT : 77m : Cub. Sun 15 Mar
HOOPESTON : [8/10] : US 2008 (copyright-dated 2007) : Thomas BENDER : 78m : Cub. Wed 18 Mar
GENOVA : [7/10] : UK 2008 : Michael WINTERBOTTOM : 94m : Pic. Wed 18 Mar
GOOD CATS : [7/10] : Hao mao : China 2008 : YING Liang : 103m : Cub. Fri 20 Mar

     ::::: WEEK TWO :::::
Wed 25
NORTH BY NORTHWEST : [8/10] : USA 1959 : Alfred HITCHCOCK : 136m : Pic.
TONITE LET'S ALL MAKE LOVE IN LONDON : [8/10] : UK 1967 : Peter WHITEHEAD : 70m : Cub.
Thu 26
THE DAY THE EARTH STOOD STILL : [7/10] : USA 1951 : Robert WISE : 92m : Pic. (DVD)
YEAST : [7/10] : USA 2008 : Mary BRONSTEIN : 77m : Pic.
THE FALL : [2/10] : UK 1969 : Peter WHITEHEAD : 120m : Cub.
Fri 27
WHO IS KK DOWNEY? : [7/10] : Canada 2008 : Darren CURTIS & Pat KIELY : 90m : Cub.
Sat 28
AWAYDAYS : [5/10] : UK 2009 : Pat HOLDEN : 104m : Pic.

* all seen at National Media Museum, Bradford (complimentary tickets)
* running-times according to catalogue.
* Pic. = Pictureville cinema; Cub. = Cubby Broccoli cinema
* also seen : The Hour Glass; Yakuza-Eiga; Immokalee, U.S.A., The Investigator; In A Dream; Ordinary Boys; O'er the Land; Lunch Break

review pages
1 : Bigger Than Life; California Company Town; Genova
2 : Good Cats; Hoopeston; Is Anybody There?
3 : The Day the Earth Stood Still; [North By Northwest]; Tonite Let's All Make Love In London; The Fall; Yeast; Who Is KK Downey?

BIFF 2009 selections programmed by Neil Young:

UNCHARTED STATES OF AMERICA                      
Arid Lands [Aaker/Wallaert] '08 doc 97m
Brave New West [Hawes-Davis/Carr] '08 doc 86m
California Company Town [Lee Anne Schmitt] '08 doc 77m
Hoopeston [Thomas Bender] '08 doc 78m
Immokalee, U.S.A. [Georg Koszulinski] '08 doc 77m
Lunch Break and Exit [Sharon Lockhart] '08 docs 83m/41m
O'er the Land [Deborah Stratman] '09 doc 52m
OMG/HaHaHa [Morgan Jon Fox] '08 feature 74m
Parade [Brandon Cahoon] '08 feature 88m
Team Picture [Kentucker Audley] '07 feature 62m
Yeast [Mary Bronstein] '08 feature 79m
A.Effect [Mike Ott] US '08 fiction 17m
Disfarmer – A Portrait of America [Martin Lavut] Canada '09 doc 20m work-in-progress

Access Road by Nathalie Mansoux (Portugal 2008, documentary, 81m)              
Adventurers by Bela Paczolay (Hungary 2008, feature, 109m)              
Comeback by Maximilian Plettau (Germany 2007, documentary, 79m)
Dear Zachary by Kurt Kuenne (USA 2008, documentary, 95m)            
The Debt by Assaf Bernstein (Israel 2007, feature, 100m)
Good Cats by Ying Liang (China 2008, feature, 103m)
Hour Glass by Szabolcs Tolnai (Serbia/Hungary 2008, feature, 106m)
In A Dream by Jeremiah Zagar (USA 2008, documentary, 80m)            
The Inheritors by Eugenio Polgovsky (Mexico 2008, documentary, 90m)
The Investigator by Attila Galambos (Hungary 2008, feature, 107m)
March by Handl Klaus (Austria 2008, feature, 84m)                                 
Nisipuri: The Village Called Sands by Claudiu Mitcu (Romania '07, doc., 77m)        
Ordinary Boys by Daniel Hernandez (Spain 2008, feature, 85m)                           
The Shaft by Zhang Chi (China 2008, feature, 98m)                                 
The Tour by Goran Markovic (Serbia 2008, feature, 108m)                    
Vogelfrei by four directors (Latvia 2007, feature, 95m)
Who Is KK Downey? by Curtis & Kiely (Canada 2008, feature, 90m)   

Neil Young has been International Programming Consultant for the Bradford International Film Festival since 2005.

UNCHARTED 2009 : an introduction
   I walked the streets hunting for her, half the streets in the United States, Gay Street and Mount Royal Avenue in Baltimore, Colfax Avenue in Denver, Aetna Road and St Clair Avenue in Cleveland, McKinney Avenue in Dallas, Lemartine and Cornell and Amory Streets in Boston, Berry Boulevard in Louisville, Lexington Avenue in New York, until I came to Victoria Street in Jacksonville, where I heard her voice again, though I still could not see her. I walked more streets, listening to her voice. She was calling a name, not mine, one strange to me, but no matter how fast I walked or in what direction, I could get no nearer her voice. It was the same distance from me in the street that runs past the Federal Building in El Paso as in Detroit's Grand Circus Park. Then the voice stopped. Tired and discouraged, I went into the lobby of the hotel that faces the railroad station in Rocky Mount, North Carolina, to rest.
            Dashiell Hammett, Red Harvest, p144

Between the 4th of November 2008 (Election Day) and the 20th of January 2009 (Inauguration Day), it's said that the world "fell back in love" with the United States of America. In a time of severe economic strife, many of us are looking to a man – and a mighty nation – capable of shining a light through the darkness.
   Of course, it will take a year or two for the first 'Obama-era' movies to emerge from both Hollywood and from American cinema's independent sphere(s). But there's still no better time to immerse yourself in the very best of the newest, freshest, most inventive and uncompromising cinema from the USA – films that take you to corners of the country you've never seen, read about or dreamed existed. And that is exactly what Bradford International Film Festival's Uncharted States of America section has, since its inception in 2007, sought to provide.
   This year's line-up maintains the quality that, we'd like to modestly believe, marked the first two selections. The dozen or so features presented here were patiently whittled down from well over a hundred initial candidates, guided by a desire to champion the best and most genuinely independent productions we could find, especially those which take an intelligent and sensitive view of the country's complex geographical, economic and social realities.
   We're therefore delighted to give Hoopeston, OMG/HaHaHa and the double-bill Lunch Break and Exit their very first screenings in cinemas outside the USA. Brave New West, Immokalee USA and Team Picture have never been shown in Europe before, while Parade, California Company Town, Arid Lands and O'er the Land are all UK premieres.
   The selection combines documentaries (ranging from the accessibly conventional to the boundary-pushingly experimental), fictional features, and, for the first time this year, a couple of special Uncharted shorts which we suggest you keep your eye out for. It's a bit of this, a bit of that – and a bit of the other. And that's just how we like it – because, like the man said that chilly Washington D C noon in January, a "patchwork heritage is a strength, not a weakness." Neil Young

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also recommended :
Bigger Than Life (Nicholas Ray 1956)
Encounters at the End of the World (Werner Herzog 2007)
North by Northwest (Alfred Hitchcock 1959)
Shifty (Eran Creevy 2008)
Three Miles North of Molkom (Cannan/Villari-McFarlane 2007)
Tonite Let's All Make Love In London (Peter Watkins Whitehead 1967)