Neil Young’s Film Lounge – Down With Love



USA 2003 : Peyton REED : 101 mins

Entertaining, affectionate, pointless, camp-as-Christmas spoof of Rock-n-Doris-style romantic comedies (i.e. Pillow Talk, 1959; Lover Come Back, 1961;) Surprisingly saucy visual and verbal double-entendres abound in script by Eve Ahlert and Dennis Drake. Irresistible candy-coloured movieland version of 1962 Manhattan courtesy of Daniel Orlandi (costumes), Andrew Laws (production design), Martin Whist (art direction), Don Whist (set decoration), Jeff Cronenweth (cinematography), Reed.

Up-for-it performances from Renee Zellweger (sweet as proto-feminist author Barbara Novack; gets one amazingly long, static-camera, single-take monologue late-on), Ewan McGregor (disarming as man-about-town Catcher Block [!], doesn’t bother to hide Scots accent nice touch), David Hyde Pierce (his prissy pal), Sarah Paulson (her sassy gal-pal… wheres she been hiding all these years?) Nightmarishly twisty plot impossible to follow, but its fun trying. Approx 20 mins too long, even so.

11th March, 2004
(seen 10th March : Odeon, Gate, Newcastle-upon-Tyne)

by Neil Young