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Twentynine Palms : a reader writes!

(warning: contains major spoilers)


> I enjoy reading your film reviews and I have a
>request if you don’t mind: I haven’t yet found a
>review of “Twentynine Palms” that gives away the
>ending and I’m very curious about it. I doubt I’ll
>actually see it, given the crappy reception it’s been
>getting and frankly, I doubt I’ll want to sit through
>it anyway. Could you please describe the ending so
>that I can put an end to my curiosity? Thank you.


Out of the blue, they get run off the road by a bunch of rednecks who we’ve never seen before, and who knock the woman about a bit and force her to watch while they beat the shit out of the bloke with a baseball bat and then rape him up the ass. Turns out he isn’t dead but face is badly swollen. They go to (yet another) motel where he’s kind of in a trance and she tries (messily) to tend his wounds.
He goes into the bathroom and locks himself inside. He’s in there for ages and we think he’s killed himself. But no! Suddenly the door bursts open. Having shaved most of his hair off (messily) he brutally butchers her with a knife screaming and grunting like a loon as he does so (messily). Film then ends with a static long-shot of him being chased across the desert by cops and him collapsing in the dust. The end!

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by Neil Young