Star Trek : Nemesis



USA 2002 : Stuart Baird : 117 mins

For Trekkies only, the tenth episode in this notoriously hit-and-miss franchise is a so-so slice of standard-issue futuristic hokum. This is space-opera by numbers, with all the familiar elements in place: silly names, wigs and costumes, technobabble dialogue, copious CGI FX and a script featuring a megalomaniac with a doomsday weapon pointing at the USS Enterprise – the only twist being that the bad-guy, Shinzon (Tom Hardy) is a clone of the good-guy, Captain Jean-Luc Picard (Patrick Stewart). The Trek cast and crew have been at this lark for so long that they’re all very cosy in their jobs – too cosy, in fact, and they clearly all need a kick up the arse. This is what Nemesis‘s disappointing US box office will hopefully provide: it was trounced on its first weekend by the latest lame J-Lo vehicle.

20th December, 2002
(seen 16th December : Warner Village Newcastle)

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by Neil Young
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