July 2015: order of merit

1: Toponymy (Perel 2015) 10/10

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California 2015: the ‘Tribune’ postcards

The desert is no place for ghosts, but the darkness of a cinema offers kindly spectres a safe refuge.

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Hollywood Reporter reviews. Added: Field Niggas, Black Mountain Poets, Battle Mountain

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Cluj 2015: The second of two dispatches by Sheila Seacroft

It’s a huge story and almost too much to take in, but the inventive method of telling, along with some charming and articulate interviewees, leads one breathlessly down the years. It ends with the virtual ‘selling’ of Jews to Israel by Ceauşescu through a hugger-mugger arrangement with Golda Meir, earning millions, much of which allegedly went into the Ceauşescus’ private accounts.

July 9th, 2015 more >
Cluj 2015: the first of two dispatches by Sheila Seacroft

the film I most admired, one which provided total immersion into cinematic experience and left me gasping with pure delight, despite its very dark moments, was Radu Jude’s black and white extravaganza Aferim!

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