Cluj 2015: the first of two dispatches by Sheila Seacroft

the film I most admired, one which provided total immersion into cinematic experience and left me gasping with pure delight, despite its very dark moments, was Radu Jude’s black and white extravaganza Aferim!

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for Mubi. No Weapon Formed Against Me Shall Prosper: Los Angeles, 2015

The bats have left the bell tower…

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June 2015: Order of Merit

#1. Veruda: A Film about Bojan

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Hollywood Reporter reviews roundup. Added: ‘Hector'; ‘Len and Company’

2nd and 3rd reviews from Edinburgh International Film Festival 2015

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A Modesto Proposal: American Graffiti, Betamax and me

Greatest? Who knows. But it’ll certainly do for me (for now). Verbalising and justifying this position is, however, decidedly tricky, even for a professional. As Jonathan Rosenbaum once wrote about Celine and Julie Go Boating, “favourite films are always the hardest to describe.”

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