Partycrashers IV: Spectre in Vienna

Bond XXIV, discussed!

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November 2015: order of merit

1. Harlan County USA (Kopple 1976; 104m) 9/10 {26/28}

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Pilgrims and Progress: CurtoCircuíto 2015 (for Tribune)

None of the six longer Explora candidates (one of 19 minutes, four of 23, one of 26) managed to justify their relative longueurs, the tendency of certain film-makers to equate duration with profundity being just as marked among shorts as it is among features.

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October 2015: Order of Merit

#1: The Mallet (1977)

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The First Time I Saw ‘Macao’ (or, Rien ne va plus)

Throughout 2011 I developed and put into practice a high-risk betting system involving French handicap races at the major tracks, which threw up a sufficient number of long-odds winners to encourage that idea of becoming a full-time professional gambler.

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