April 2015: Order of Merit

#1: Woman on the Run (Foster 1950)

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Palme d’Or 2015: latest odds

favourite: Garrone (The Tale of Tales)

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March 2015: Order of Merit

#1: Through and Through (1973)

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Sheila Seacroft on ‘Cinema Made in Italy’ London March 5-9 2015

The village, such as it is, is peopled by many large middle-aged men with beards, so engulfed by layers of clothing that it’s difficult to tell one from another. One who stands out is Secondo, played with bearish vigour by Serbian director Emir Kusturica.

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Jerry’s Kids: Grand Rapids, 2.015k

Falicki’s most ambitious outing to date is the 127-minute GR30k (2010) which transports the viewer some 28 centuries into Grand Rapids’ future (“There have been four nuclear holocausts, a second ice age and Grand Rapids is the only place that survived. The big companies have taken over everything and now rule the city… and they do it in a nasty way.”)

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