VENICE 2014: Golden Lion odds

favourite: BIRDMAN.

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viewing log: August 2014

updated with stuff seen August 27th

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RISE AS ONE: an Odessa dispatch

Odessa, for all its sophisticated downtown ambience and ornate architecture, is a place with pressing social problems – count the drunks stupor-stumbling in the vicinity of the city’s colossal Privoz market; observe how those reliable indicators of wider economic malaises, stray dogs, tail-waggingly abound.

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Odessa 2014: index-page

includes links to Sight&Sound article and Hollywood Reporter reviews

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viewing log: July 2014

updated with stuff seen on July 31st. total: 73 (43 feature-length, 9 mid-length, 21 short). feature/mid-length seen in cinemas: 49

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