viewing log: April 2014

latest addition(s): stuff seen on April 22nd

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Cannes 2014: Palme d’Or odds

favourite: N.B.Ceylan’s WINTER SLEEP

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CRUDE OIL appendix: the 287 notes I took while watching it

19. {supplies: Cheshire cheese, Mars bar, notebook, two pens, stopwatch, The Revolution Betrayed, facial wipes, tea in flask, tuna salad sandwich, flat cake, gloves, ankle-socks, torch, two bottles of flavoured water}

95. conversationlessness among men — Howard Hawks it ain’t

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for Tribune: AV Festival report — on Wang Bing’s CRUDE OIL

Wandering to the back of the projection space afforded, through two sets of very old windows, a panoramic view of the construction–a tough environment on these chilly, windy, rainy days in March. Standing at certain positions allowed the viewer (i.e. myself) to see the Newcastle labourers and their Gobi Desert counterparts at a single glance. The film’s many longueurs provided numerous occasions for such improvisations and speculations.

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viewing log: March 2014


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