Hollywood Reporter reviews roundup: Spooks, Meru, etc

added: The Elite and Searching For Eddie Running Wolf

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Cannes 2015: latest odds

Palme d’Or: Hou
Actress: Blanchett and/or Mara
Actor: Lindon

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May 2015: Order of Merit (a quiet month!)

1. LogBook Serbistan / Žilnik 2015 / 94m

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April 2015: Order of Merit

#1: Woman on the Run (Foster 1950)

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Inbound Access, Outbound Escapes: an intercontinental dispatch by Michael Pattison

The chat’s automated, involuntary. Why were you in Colombia, Sir? What do you do for a living, Sir? Four fingers of your right hand facing down on the scanner please, Sir. Aren’t you critics too harsh on films, Sir? You’re gonna need to step this way for me please, Sir.

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