Jerry’s Kids: Grand Rapids, 2.015k

Falicki’s most ambitious outing to date is the 127-minute GR30k (2010) which transports the viewer some 28 centuries into Grand Rapids’ future (“There have been four nuclear holocausts, a second ice age and Grand Rapids is the only place that survived. The big companies have taken over everything and now rule the city… and they do it in a nasty way.”)

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March 2015: Order of Merit

#1: Through and Through (1973)

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Detonating the Doughnut: Rochester, 2015

As I stood there, utterly alone in such quasi-Arctic surroundings, these weapon-like adornments exuded a menacing, alien air, so radically did they depart from any architecture with which I was familiar; they would’t have looked out of place in the Ray Bradbury 1980 TV mini-series The Martian Chronicles.

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Rochester 2015


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February 2015: Order of Merit

1. Windy Day / Hubley & Hubley 1968

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