On my last afternoon I found myself in Țiglari, a rough-edged residential district adjoining the dinky, duck-populated, industry-ringed Lake Binder. Binder has been dubbed a “lake of death” by local media, with half a dozen fatalities annually ascribed to its treacherously chilly year-round sub-surface temperatures.

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viewing log: October 2014

updated with stuff seen on October 20th

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San Sebastian / Donostia – 2014 Hollywood Reporter reviews

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viewing log: September 2014

updated with stuff seen on 30th September.

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Far from Donbass: Andrei Kartashov reports on the 4th Sakhalin Film Festival

Articles were written and petitions signed, but they didn’t help much. Sentsov is still in prison, and now we are on Sakhalin: watching movies, writing about movies and then discussing latest shocking news from Ukraine in the evening… in private conversation, of course.

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