Cannes 2014: Palme d’Or odds

favourite: N.B.Ceylan’s WINTER SLEEP

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viewing log: April 2014

latest addition(s): stuff seen on April 14th

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viewing log: March 2014


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Only Connect: Michael Pattison reports from Thessaloniki on three boxing documentaries

Boxing does not reflect a barbaric world because it legitimises gladiatorial violence. Boxing reflects a barbaric world because for too many young people—rural and urban alike—it’s seen (and indeed, promoted) as the only way out of dead-end economic drudgery.

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Sheila Seacroft reports on the 2014 ‘Cinema Made in Italy’ event, London

It’s been bringing contemporary Italian films to London at the French Institute’s Ciné Lumière, since 2011, and while the quality is naturally variable, there are always several real gems which valgono bene la pena.

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