Neil Young’s Film Lounge – Awards Ballot 2002


(only includes movies obtaining commercial US release in 2002)

I was asked to contribute this ballot to a survey of critics who write for or have connections at Variety magazine. Results will be posted once the ballots have been tallied, around March 15th 2003.

best film
1 Punch-Drunk Love
2 Far From Heaven
3 Frailty

best director
1 Paul Thomas Anderson – Punch-Drunk Love
2 David Fincher – Panic Room
3 Jean-Luc Godard – In Praise of Love

best screenplay
1 Paul Thomas Anderson – Punch-Drunk Love
2 Brett Hanley – Frailty
3 Andrew Niccol S1m0ne

best lead actor
1 Steve Coogan 24 Hour Party People
2 Daniel Day-Lewis Gangs of New York
3 James Van Der Beek – The Rules of Attraction

best lead actress
1 Meryl Streep The Hours
2 Isabelle Huppert The Piano Teacher
3 Emmanuelle Devos Read My Lips

best supporting actor
1 Ryan Philippe Igby Goes Down
2 Brad Dourif The Lord of the Rings : The Two Towers
3 Daniel Cosgrove Van Wilder : Party Liaison

best supporting actress
1 Tovah Feldshuh Kissing Jessica Stein
2 Miranda Richardson The Hours
3 Meryl Streep – Adaptation.

best debut feature
1 Frailty
2 Dogtown and Z-Boys
3 Nine Queens

best foreign-language film
1 In Praise of Love
2 Brotherhood of the Wolf
3 The Piano Teacher

best documentary
1 Bowling For Columbine
2 Dogtown and Z-Boys
3 The Kid Stays in the Picture

best cinematography
1 Punch-Drunk Love
2 In Praise of Love
3 All About Lily Chou Chou

best original score
1 Punch-Drunk Love
2 All About Lily Chou Chou
3 Panic Room

by Neil Young