Neil Young’s Film Lounge – Edinburgh Film Festival 2002

Edinburgh Film Festival 2002

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Abouna8/10 Frailty
8/10 The Happiness of the Katakuris
8/10 Irreversible
8/10 Something to Remind Me
7/10 Dragonflies
7/10 Morvern Callar
6/10 Abouna
6/10 Confession
6?/10 Decasia
6/10 Deep Breath
6/10 Intacto
6/10 My Little Eye
6/10 10
6/10 Pleasant Days
6/10 A Private Affair
6/10 Red Bear
5/10 Angela
5/10 Australian Rules
5/10 Go
5/10 Soft Shell Man
5/10 Strass
5/10 This Is Not A Love Song
4/10 Japon
3/10 From the Other Side
2/10 Once Upon a Time in the Midlands

His Little Eye – Interview with Marc Evans
Interview with Intacto director Juan-Carlos Fresnadillo

Australian Rules OK?
Check out a review of Edinburgh Festival week one

StrassSoft Shell ManThis Is Not A Love SongIrreversibleIntactoMy Little EyePleasant Days

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by Neil Young